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  • Before cutting, we should find out the position of the cloth. 90% of all printed curtain fabrics


  • I have seen many videos of curtain making process on the Internet, and also visited some small processing plants and training sites on the spot


  • Adopting advanced pleating technology, it is suitable for pleating the curtain head of various cloth curtains.


  • The curtain of high quality roll can collect sunshade, sound insulation, safety, convenience is equal to an organic whole. It is generally divided into manual and automatic two kinds, if necessary can also be used with manual lock, as long as you lock the inside, it is difficult to open the curtain from the outside; Unlike cloth curtain, if the connection between the curtain and the window is handled well, it can play a very good sound insulation effect.


  • Two pleats and three pleats is a new pleats method. Compared with the general pleats, its pleats are fixed and processed. This kind of method is simple and clear, and it is convenient to disassemble. But it is also more inconvenient to make, this kind of pleats must estimate the difference between the length of the fabric and the length of the rod, according to the total number of fixed pleats.


  • The Roman rod track is perforated, which has no hooks. The perforated rings are made in cloth, and the cloth is directly inserted into the circular Roman track. It is suitable for no ring on the rod, which is relatively more beautiful and silenced.