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The working principle of pleating machine

I. Advantages and characteristics of Rito pleating machine:

1. Adopting advanced pleating technology, it is suitable for pleating the curtain head of various cloth curtains.
2. The sewing machine head imported from Japan is reliable in quality and stable in performance. It can sew the fold of thick cloth.
3. Can make two fold, three fold fold, fold depth and spacing can be adjusted.
4. Simple operation, just input parameters on the screen, without tedious manual calculation, ordinary workers operating the machine can make a standard beautiful fold, greatly improve the yield of products.
5. Adopt the manipulator to make the fold automatically and send it to the sewing machine automatically, which is safe and reliable in operation.
6. It can make 6-8 folds per minute, saving labor cost and improving production efficiency.
7. Adopt servo motor and precision screw control, accurate counting, stable operation and low noise.
8. Touch screen control, simple operation, beautiful appearance of the machine.

II. Instructions for use

1. Working principle:This machine is automatic curtain pleat machine, input cloth length, curtain length can automatically calculate the pleat distance, pleat number, mechanical pressing pleat manipulator feeding, is several times the aging of manual pleats.
2. Application: pleated curtain head of all kinds of cloth curtains.
3. Basic structure: nose, PLC control screen, crimping manipulator, automatic crimping system, chassis.
4. The parameters:
Pleated spacing :10-28cm Pleated height: 2-4.5cm Power parameters: 220V/1.8KW
Pressure required: 3-6kg /cm² Machine size: 1800*1500*1500mm Machine weight: 420KG
5. Operation and use:
1. Turn on the power button;
2. Measure the length of cloth;
3. Put the cloth into the manipulator;
4. Input cloth length and curtain length to automatically calculate pleat number and pleat distance;
5. Press the button next to the machine to start the foot switch;
6. Handband cloth, automatic pleating machine.

(Parameter setting)Two, maintenance and maintenance

1. Clean the machine every day;
2. Add one or two drops of lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine every day;
3. Clean the oil tank inside the machine and change the oil every month;
4. Turn on the power after checking that the machine is in normal condition, and check whether the power indicator is normal after starting the machine;
5. Check whether the air pressure is normal;
6. Power must be turned off after work.