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Detailed curtain production process

1. Measure the size

If you only need to cover the window, measure the width of the window and add ten centimeters to each (for a better look on both sides). If you need a full wall, measure the width of your wall. The amount of cloth used by the curtain is generally twice that of the curtain rod, which can also be used less, if used less, it is less drape. The general amount of cloth is generally 1.8-2 times the cloth, the higher the rate, the greater the fold, and the stronger the three-dimensional feeling.

2. Buy cloth and yarn
Buy cloth and yarn in a ratio of one to two. For example, the width of the wall is 2.7 meters, buy 2.7×2=5.4 meters. Pay attention to the full wall, you need to buy 2.8 meters high.

3, cloth belt,
The total width of the cloth and yarn purchased is the number of meters of fabric tape required. When processing cloth tape, be careful not to sew up the small opening of the hook.

4, lace
According to the cloth and yarn color matching selection, note that the number of meters per board is insufficient. A drawn curtain has four vertical edges and a bottom edge.

5. Track or Roman rod
The length of the track is the length of the curtain box of the wall. There is no available Roman bar for curtain box installation, and the width can be customized as required. To install rails or Roman rods you need to use a percussion drill to make holes in the wall and install expansion screws.

Look at other people's window curtain, also very simple. You can buy odd pieces of cloth or separately. Do not understand can consult the market sewing worker master.

7. Processing methods
The four edges of the curtain need fold a bit to prevent drawing silk can. Can observe finished curtain, also can observe sewing worker master is how to do.

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