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Automatic pinch pleater

      At present, no matter the cloth curtain or rolling curtain on the market have realized automatic equipment processing, curtain processing equipment includes many kinds: automatic pleating machine, wrapping machine, cutting machine, setting machine and so on. Xiaobian today focuses on curtain pleating machine, Nidong intelligence is a curtain processing equipment manufacturer for more than 10 years, the company currently produces three kinds of pleating machine, including semi-automatic pleating machine and automatic pleating machine, automatic pleating machine, what price is the curtain pleating machine? It ranges from tens of thousands to 200,000 yuan. What are the advantages of Nidong automatic curtain pleating machine:
1. Adopting advanced pleating technology, it is suitable for pleating the curtain head of various cloth curtains.
2. The sewing machine head imported from Japan is reliable in quality and stable in performance. It can sew the fold of thick cloth.
3. Two pleats, three pleats and glass pleats can be made. The depth and spacing of the pleats can be adjusted.
4. Simple operation, only need to input parameters on the screen, without tedious manual calculation, ordinary workers can operate the machine to produce a standard beautiful fold, greatly improve the product yield.
5. Manipulator is used to make the fold automatically and send it to the sewing machine automatically. The operation is safe and reliable
6. It can make 6-8 folds per minute, saving labor cost and improving production efficiency.
7. Adopt servo motor and screw control, accurate counting, balanced machine operation, low noise.
8. Touch screen control, simple operation, beautiful appearance of the machine.