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curtain multifunction hemming machine

      Wrapping the edge is the important step that curtain processes. Traditional curtain edging depends on manual sewing machine edging. With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, automatic curtain edging machine has gradually been replaced by automatic machinery. The curtain automatic edging machine has changed the shortcomings of traditional artificial low efficiency, improved production efficiency and saved production costs. Whether you are stores, processing plants, engineering orders, high-end brands, automatic edge packing machine is your best choice to save costs.

      At present the curtain of market processes equipment manufacturer more and more, quality and price are uneven. As the guests of curtain processing, it is very important to choose a reliable curtain processing equipment manufacturer. After all, the price of the equipment is not cheap. We must consider the manufacturers with big brands, stable quality and perfect after-sales service. Dongguan ridong intelligent as a curtain processing and ultrasonic equipment manufacturers for more than ten years, ten years like a day, in line with the "customer first, quality first" business philosophy. Our curtain processing equipment includes: automatic pleating machine (discount machine), cutting machine, setting machine, wrapping machine and so on.

Among them, the automatic edge wrapping machine produced by our company has the characteristics of fast operation, stable performance and not dropping needles.