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Common knowledge of sunshade

Rolling curtain is a kind of window decoration products, which is to roll the curtain cloth into roller shape by resin processing, and use the pull rope or chain to rise and fall. The operation is simple and convenient, with beautiful and simple appearance, which makes the window frame clean and makes the whole room look spacious and simple.

Roller shutter mainly includes electric roller shutter, bead roller shutter and spring roller shutter. Rolling curtain has many advantages, such as beautiful appearance, simple structure, strong and durable. Rolling curtain is suitable for many places, such as business office building, hotel, restaurant, office, home (used as screen curtain), especially for large area glass curtain wall. When the rolling curtain fabric is put down, it can make the indoor light soft, free from direct sunlight, and achieve a good shading effect. When the rolling curtain is raised, its volume is very small, so that it is not easy to be detected. The rolling curtain fabrics include semi shading rolling curtain, semi transparent rolling curtain and full shading rolling curtain series. The latest rolling curtain fabrics are anti ultraviolet rolling curtain, waterproof rolling curtain and easy decontamination engineering rolling curtain. The control modes are: manual rolling, electric rolling, spring semi-automatic rolling, etc. Can be used for office curtains, school curtains, hotel curtains, hotel curtains.

The electric roller shutter is suitable for large and landmark buildings. It is a super-high roller shutter with a width of 2.5 meters and a height of 20 meters. According to the application situation of the cord fabric, it can be controlled by infrared remote control and radio remote control, and the control mode can be controlled individually or in groups.

Bead roller shutter is suitable for general roller shutter, hand operation, the height is generally 3-5M.

The structure of the spring shutter is compact and compact, the operation is flexible and convenient, and the area is less than 4 square meters.

Most of the sunshade roller blinds are mainly composed of various body accessories and sunshade fabrics, among which the sunshade fabrics are divided into glass fiber fabric and polyester fabric. Glass fiber fabric is mainly PVC coated glass fiber; polyester fabric is PVC coated polyester fiber. The new type of easy spinning heat insulation rolling curtain adopts the digital segmentation technology of special anti ultraviolet materials, the perfect weaving technology of woven and warp knitting, and the finished curtain processing technology, so that the rolling curtain can not only resist 99.8% of UV damage, but also achieve the effect of shading without shading.

Fireproof rolling shutter refers to the rolling shutter which can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability and fire resistance integrity together with the frame in a certain period of time. Fireproof rolling shutter is a kind of movable fireproof partition. It is usually rolled up and placed in the shaft box at the top of the door and window. When the fire starts, it will be put down and unfolded to prevent the fire from spreading from the door and window openings. It is generally composed of curtain plate, guide rail, lintel, seat plate, transmission device, door rolling machine, control box, etc. Fire shutter is widely used in all kinds of industrial and civil buildings. In case of fire, it can be closed automatically to prevent the spread of fire smoke, fight for fire time and reduce casualties and economic and property losses.