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The practice of drapes in Korean style


     First, consider the color and pattern of curtain cloth. When we choose curtain pattern, the fabric color should be coordinated with the bedroom, and the best to determine the style of the bedroom decoration. And from the perspective of the overall coordination of the bedroom, we should consider whether the curtain and the wall, furniture, floor and other colors are coordinated. The second consideration should be size. The size of curtain can be determined according to the size of the window, and for some small household types, the width of the curtain can be determined according to their hobbies. However, in general, the width of curtain cloth on both sides is about 20cm wider than that of the window. The bottom should be determined according to the curtain style. The short-time curtain should be about 30cm longer than the bottom line of the windowsill, and the floor window should be 4-5cm away from the ground. After the design is selected and the size is set, the curtain style should be considered at this time. The curtain style as simple as possible a little better, try not to let the cumbersome curtain bustle, lest make the space because of the complexity of curtains and appear more narrow. But for some big rooms, curtain style should be generous, elegant, exquisite.

The actual width of the window + 10 cm (plus 10 cm is not wide enough after the fold is done), multiply by 7 to get the number of hooks used for the whole window, and then divide by 2 to get the number of hooks used for a window (the number is single, not double rounded), and then measure the actual width of a curtain cloth (the vertical hem is not measured), and use the actual width For example, the width of a window is 3 meters, 3 meters x 7 hooks = 21, divided by 2 = 10.5 folds (rounded to 11 hooks), and then 3 M + 0.1 = 3.1 divided by 2 = 1.55 m, if the actual size of a curtain cloth is 2.9 m (when measuring, the crimping is not measured, because this place is too thick to fold), use 2.9 m minus 1.55 M = 1.35 m divided by the number of 11 = 12.2 cm (this is the fold width of a curtain cloth), and also measure the actual width of another curtain cloth minus 1.55 m divided by 11 Hook, empty is 1.55m divided by 10 empty = 15.5cm, the number of empty is the same