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Curtain setting machine

       Finalized curtain and not finalized curtain in the process of display, give a person the impression of a very large gap, more neat fold let the curtain emit a rigorous and elegant beauty, with delicate and elegant plain fabric, very easy to let a person feel the curtain as a large "" product soft outfit application charm.

Finalize the design at the same time craft besides giving the customer huge visual impact on the curtain appearance, also give the curtain to sell the house to bring new product window in the introduction process. The high temperature finalize the design process of near baidu, helped the curtain to complete eliminate peculiar smell and bactericidal work, this lets increasingly "picky" after the customer takes finished product shade, more the quality distinction that compares gives different manufacturer, bring better public praise effect to curtain enterprise thereby.

     ridong Vertical setting machine advantage: vertical setting machine USES hot air to finalize the design, curtain cloth will not shrink in finalize the design process, plush fabrics also won't pour wool and other problems due to the extrusion, and vertical setting machine cover an area of an area small, operating more simple, no paper film, and other auxiliary facilities, single person can be up to finalize the design job. The efficiency of eight to ten minutes of one to two curtains is more suitable for less batch curtain finalization, or proofing finalization is mainly used by manufacturers.