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Curtain automation equipment manufacturer

        The rise of soft decoration industry has also led to the processing of finished curtains. Finished curtain is the standard size of the curtain, generally suitable for most of the windows, simple style, cheaper price, easy to buy, do not need to wait, buy at any time can be installed. Custom curtains are designed and made according to the style of home decoration and the size of windows. The choice of custom curtain style and color is diversified, which can be selected according to your preference and decoration style. Custom curtain price is calculated according to fabric, size and accessories.

Curtain processing products include a series of processes: cutting cloth, splicing cloth, wrapping, cutting, wrapping bottom edge, ironing, pleating, shaping, testing packaging, etc. The traditional manual sewing machine is inefficient. How to improve the efficiency. Modern curtain processing equipment has been well upgraded, the use of advanced PLC technology, imported Japanese machine head, greatly improve the efficiency of operation. Curtain automation equipment manufacturer - nitong intelligent production professional curtain pleating machine, curtain shaping machine, curtain binding machine, curtain stitching sewing machine, ultrasonic cutting machine, ironing machine, etc.