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What equipment do you need to buy to open a curtain processing shop


     Before planning curtain processing shop to purchase equipment, first determine the site area, and staffing. At present, curtain processing equipment on the market has been upgraded from traditional sewing machine to more automatic equipment. For example, curtain automatic pleating machine, Japan East curtain binding machine, Japan East cutting machine, shaping machine and so on. The price of these equipments ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The advantages of these equipments are simple operation, fool like operation, fast processing speed, high stability, and greatly reduced labor costs.


       RIDONG Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R & D and production of curtain equipment for many years. After years of technical development and production practice, it has launched a series of curtain equipment. In addition to the rolling curtain equipment that has already led the industry standard (ultrasonic cutting machine, automatic ultrasonic cutting machine, automatic folding welding machine, ultrasonic slitting machine, rolling curtain rail sewing machine, etc.), nitong Machinery Co., Ltd, Curtain fabric production equipment has also made a major breakthrough. At present, curtain automatic pleating machine, computer curtain sewing machine, computer curtain flat sewing machine, computer curtain blind sewing machine, curtain height cutting machine and curtain setting machine have been put into the market, and have been unanimously recognized by many customers.