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Types and processing of fabric curtains

       The types, styles, fabrics and manufacturing techniques of curtain fabric are summarized as follows: open and close curtains (flat curtains), Roman curtains (lifting curtains), rolling curtains, blinds, sunshades (ceiling curtains and outdoor blinds). 2. Style, style and function of curtain (1) opening and closing curtain (flat opening curtain) - curtain moving parallel along track or pole. A. European luxury shape: there are window curtains on it, the edge of the curtain is decorated with skirt, and the flower type is mainly colorful and large flowers, which are more luxurious and rich. B. Roman pole type: the track of curtain is made of Roman pole of various shapes or materials. The change of flower type and hair is much, and the window curtain and windowless curtain are available. The flower type can be made of large flowers with rich color, and it can also be used to compare the simple and elegant lattice or plain color. C. Simple: this curtain highlights the texture and drape of fabric, without any auxiliary means of decoration, with simple color, bar shape or light color of the grass as the material, it appears more fashionable and atmospheric. D. Affordable shape (Japanese): according to the size of the window to make, color or flower type selection is lighter, economic and affordable( 2) Roman curtain (lifting curtain) - a curtain that moves up and down under the traction of a rope. Roman curtains are mostly yarn (and of course other fabrics), and are mainly considered from the level of decoration and beautification. It mainly appears in guest room, aisle or study, Hotel Atrium, coffee shop and other places where strong light source is not blocked, so the production requirements are higher. Its style may be as follows: 1. Ordinary rope pulling type, 2. Cross bar type, 3. Fan-shaped, 4. Wavy shape, and design with window curtain and windowless curtain. It can be a separate curtain or can be combined with opening and closing curtain( 3) Rolling curtain - a curtain that moves up and down as the pipe rolls. Rolling curtain is generally used in toilet, office and other places, mainly to block the role of sight. Material generally choose to press into various patterns or printed into various patterns of non-woven fabric. It is required to be bright and impervious, and the surface is very scratched( 4) Blinds - hard curtains that can be adjusted 180 degrees and can be vertically or horizontally shifted up and down. The curtain is widely applicable to the following aspects: study, toilet, kitchen room, office and some public places are available, which can block the sight and adjust the light. The materials include wood, metal, chemical fiber cloth or shaped non-woven fabric, and the styles are vertical and parallel( 5) The shade (canopy and outdoor) 3. The fabric curtain of curtain is very wide, many fabrics can be used as curtain cloth, but we pay attention to two aspects when choosing fabric, one is thick and solid, the other is good sag sensibility. Traditional curtains are usually made of three layers of fabric, one is a cloth curtain which plays an decorative role, the middle is a light curtain, and the other is screen curtain.